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Yes. I know that HotGirl4U  has one of the most generic usernames possible on the site, but put that to one side for a second. I don’t know anybody who really pays attention to the username anyway.

If you are looking for a lady who is going to be 100% thrilling all the time, then this one is not going to be for you. She remains silent for most of it, based on what I have watched of her. She does play with herself, but most of the time she is just going to be sitting there. Why? Well, because the unique quirk of her chat is that you sit there and watch her leggings get wet. This is all down to her Lovense vibrator being hooked up to the various ‘levels’ of her tips. The more you tip her, the wetter she gets. Obviously, just watching something like this is probably not going to be the most exciting in the world for many people out there, but I did enjoy it. Provides something a little bit different from the norm. That is what our site should be about anyway. Providing something a little bit different from the norm.

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In terms of beauty, this is an all-natural beauty. Or, so she claims. To be honest, I am inclined to agree with her. Just to point out; she is not ‘all-natural’ in the same way that some people mean all-natural i.e. she is not going to be on the chubby side. She is actually quite sporty and her body is amazingly toned.
Anna has little in the way of followers on the site right now, sitting at a shade over 15k. This means that her chats can be a little bit dead on occasion from the tip front. However, I can guarantee that this is likely going to change in the near future as she is so gorgeous. If you are planning on tipping her in a bid to get her to go private with you, however, then you probably have another thing coming. She does not do that. Everything that she does seems to be on a whim.

The only thing that you can really tip Anna with is a bid to get her Lovense vibrator acting up, which is awesome and all. I just wish she did more.
This is a lady that I am probably going to be returning to take a look at again in the future. I only spent about an hour with her when I wrote this review. While she is not the most thrilling person on when it comes to the personality side of things, she certainly looks good. When you are heading online to feast your eyes on some beautiful ladies, then this is all that you can really ask to be perfectly honest. A beautiful lady. Make sure you send her a lot of tips to get the awesome stuff, though.

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