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It is 2019 and the times of dating someone you meet in a bar, dance or other public places has gotten to be a thing of the past. The thing today is social media, and as much as you want to say you know the person you met in a chat room or social media hangout, you really do not. You know the person they want you to know and only that. Hell, it is likely you may not even know what they really look like, for all you know, they stole a picture from Google and that is who they tell you they are. So what you end up with is meeting someone you have been talking to and probably still do not know them. What does that leave you with? Having casual sex with strangers at sites like! The sexual tension has been building and it is possible you meet, have sex and then possibly find out you don’t like them after all, so you send them packing.

Having said all of that, does it mean you are just meeting in dives and bars and it has just taken a lot longer to get to the real point? I have seen it said that in this day, get the sex out of the way and then that stress is all over and you can work on the “get to know you” part without the tension of having sex out of the way, that wonder if you would be compatible in that area. It seems a little weird to those of us that are old enough to have Continue reading “Sex With Strangers at”